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WW1 Posters, WW1 H.C. Christy Posters

Original full size WW1 posters by Howard Chandler Christy. Several years ago WW1 posters were very inexpensive compared to posters in the Product, Theater, Advertising genre. During the past 4-5 years, numerous WW1 posters have been steadily increasing in value as more collectors are discovering the incredible artwork on these posters. Who wouldn't want an early original poster by Norman Rockwell, Christy, Beneke, Flagg and other great artists? I was offered a significant collection of WW1 Posters about 25 years ago (which I purchased) but I have just (2) original duplicate posters remaining. I have One original "Americans All" and "And They Thought We Couldn't Fight" Poster of each that is for sale. These two posters are personal favorites so I have not been in any hurry to part with even duplicates. If you are interested in Posters, several books are shown in the "Book Store" at the top of this page. If you want to purchase any book, just click & buy it directly through Amazon Books. Start a great passion in your life for american history & art!

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